There are LOTS of people doing websites these days…

Why get your website done by Belinda?

fidoswebsiteThe person you chose to help you with your website will depend on many factors…

So here is a bit of info, to consider when looking around, just to make sure that your comparing apples with apples and oranges with oranges 🙂 

When I started over 20 years ago, websites were hand coded and were only used by large government agencies… Today even my pet can have a website that out ranks my own!!! How times have changed!

Even though the technology has changed, fundamentally businesses, agencies & individuals still need someone reliable to look help them setup and look after their website.

So Why Belinda? My difference is that I am a graphic designer AND website designer, a developer,  a certified SEO Specialist, Social & Community Manager & a Analytics Specialist but unless your a tech person that probably doesn’t mean very much to you… it probably means as much to you as it does to my dog…Uh??

In real terms, what does that all that mean for you?

Many providers will do 1 thing described in broad terms ie. Websites, but not all websites are the same and you may find that their definition of a website could be very different from what you would EXPECT your website to do OR may not contain ALL the things a website these days SHOULD contain.
For example: A simple 5 page site with your logo on the front using a standard template… That might sound ok to start with, hey that’s probably what you are about to ask for… but lets look at it a bit closer:

  • How will your site look different from all the other ones that person has done that month? Will it have your colours, your language, your style?
  • What about Search Engine Optimisation (how will people find your site once its live?? Yes, there is a process to make sure Google picks it up.. is that extra cost? (quite often it is).
  • What about a contact form, order form, how will potential customers contact you? Is that extra also?
  • How will your customers interact with your website? Is the content, logically laid out, easy to find, easy to navigate? Work on a mobile, tablet & desktop?
  • OR MOST importantly how are you going to make your website serve your customers? Has this been thought of OR are we just putting up 5 pages on the internet to try to compete with the millions of others already on there?

Furthermore, the person building your new website, they might be good about building sites but what about branding or colours?

  • Are they also a designer? Do they know how to make your site stand out from the crowd (even if it is a template?)
  • Once your site is live,  How will you know that people are visiting? Will their service include the reporting / visitor setup so you can see who is visiting you, whats working and whats not?
  • Or how about if people need to buy from you… does it include linking to Paypal or payment facility?
  • Is your website an online shop? If so thats a whole new kettle of fish!!
  • Will it be connected your Facebook page at all, how is that going to work? ..and as I hinted at a couple of times now…. are those things included in your simple 5 page site? – Usually not, and these are the things clients tell me about when they come to seek my services that their previous web developer / designer doesn’t do.

That’s all very confusing…but you don’t want to think about that now??

Well, I’ll be frank, you have to! It might seem overwhelming to think of all those things now.. but if you don’t … are you simply wasting your time and money and in a very short period of time you will be frustrated that your website isn’t doing anything for you.

I am not saying that  all these things need to be done from the onset, but some of these things can be done AS your site being created by someone who knows how  – without much additional time at all.  It takes twice as long to go back and add these things in later!!!
Just putting a site up on the internet and crossing your fingers waiting for all the visitors to magically arrive is no longer how it works!  I ask you, whats the point in having a site if no one is visiting it?

I have had sooo many people come to me 6months, a year or2 later after their site is built, frustrated they have invested alot of time and money and wondering why no one visits, why it wasn’t setup correctly and WHY does it all have to be wiped and started again?  Usually they were sold the 5 page template with all the promises in the world but no support to back them up.

Already have a website?

Just need someone to sort out your SEO? – > Ask Belinda about her SEO package.

So, you know you need someone, but you are not sure where to start?

I have over 20 years in the web industry under my belt.  So… unlike your sister’s kid who learnt to do website design at school, or your secretary who is really good with computers, or the web guy who is great at websites but knows nothing about SEO, digital marketing or design, I know all the ins and outs, pitfalls and wins of putting a site together. I’ve done hundreads over the years,  working with me, all the above things are a major consideration in each website i produce. I am trained in those things, I know these things, and a site isn’t a site unless those things are at least considered!  Most importantly I want your site to WORK for you!  I also want it done on time and budget and without the headaches!

TIP: Have a think about what you want your site to do and visit some sites in your industry to see what they are doing if you are completely stuck! The clearer you are on what you would like, the easier it will be to nut out the finer details later on!

Next thing to do is just pop me an email and ask questions!
If you don’t know, I am here to say, that is totally ok!!  You only know what you know!  Probably about 95% of my clients have no idea what they want their site to do they just know they want one. That’s all totally Ok, its my job to work that out for you!

Do it yourself? OR Have someone do it for you?

I have a flexible range of services:  Some clients require help in setting up their website, learn how to maintain it themselves and want to take over themselves from there.  Others have ZERO interest in spending their time on the technical aspects would prefer to spend their time working on their business. My goal is to find a way that i can support you in your needs, so all that means is we need to have a conversation about what you have, what you want, and how you run things to see if we can work together.

 Need a Quote?  – Website Packages & Plans

My website packages start from: $595- inc GST.

Please see the > Website Packages Page for detailed information.  For agencies, > please contact me for my industry rates packages.

Once you have a site, who looks after it? – Service Agreement Packages

It’s all well and good to have a site, but these days it needs regular updates not just with content but also up updating the security patches, software and monitoring of your visitors to see what’s going on. I can take care of all of that for you in my Service Agreement that can be done on a monthly or quarterly interval.

Do you have further questions? Check out my FAQs or Contact Belinda.

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