Small business website packages.

Ofcourse no two websites are ever the same,  so some factors included may vary for your final specification but here is a starting point!

Basic Website Package

Just the basics!
$595/inc GST
  • 5 page website setup built with a Responsive Design for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile
  • Built with fully supported website theme customised with colour & branding applications to your business needs
  • Basic Setup of plugins for sharing buttons, antispam & blog
  • Integration of SEO practises, Setup of Google Analytics for tracking your website traffic (SEO strategy not included)
  • 1 Email Contact form
  • 1 year of valid licenses for themes & key plugins
  • Up to 1 paypal button for purchasing of products
  • Documentation & links to videos on how update / change your content.

Website Revive!

Revive an existing website bringing it up to speed.
$465/inc GST
  • Strategy Session, Website & SEO Audit on whats working and whats not on your website
  • Back up of current Website configuration
  • Update of WordPress & Relevant Plugins & Themes
  • Setting up Google Analytics (if applicable) implementing that with your website.
  • Upgrading of Theme to Responsive theme (Works on PC, Tablet & Phone)
  • Integration with your Facebook Page & Instagram as required.
  • Updating of current webpages (up to 15 pages with modifications to new theme with styling and SEO practices)
  • Setting up of emailing list / newsletter** & integrating on your website
  • Training Call on your new setup
  • 1 month of support* on completion including a SEO report.
  • 1 year of valid licenses for themes & key plugins
  • Subject to review of current website and technical specifications
  • Ask for more info

 *Subject to review & conditions
** Does not include sending out newsletters or newsletter templates.

Licenses: Software updates for themes and plugins come out almost every week! Best practice is to ensure you software is updated regularly to avoid security breaches of your site. Using FREE themes and plugins & not updating your software will leave your website exposed as the software is not supported as new updates come out.  Our developer licenses are covering  Your site as valid for 1 year for themes & some key plugins (as required) to be updated yourself or under a Service Agreement, thereafter they will expire or must be renewed in order to be upgraded with new software updates as technology changes.

Note: All of these website packages are subject to our standard website Terms of Service – which you may read here.

Once you have a site, who looks after it? – Service Agreement Packages

It’s all well and good to have a site, but these days it needs regular updates not just with content but also up updating the security patches, software and monitoring of your visitors to see what’s going on.
I can take care of these things for you AND they can be included in a 12 month package along with your website development.
This can include graphic design, marketing and other services as part of a discounted rate and can be set to a monthly or quarterly interval. Here are my standard agreements –  See here for Service Agreement Terms.

Do you have further questions? check out my Website FAQ or Ask a question.

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