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Specifications & Terms

The following details further our artist website packages, please also read further about our Terms and Conditions & Additional Work.

Specifications on Artist websites

  • Turnaround times on artist websites are approximately 21days from start of project schedule is supplied upon receipt of all of the materials.
  • Checklist is supplied all content must be supplied before we will start.
    • Responsive theme meaning that it works on phones, tablets and computers.
    • Full editable and customisable by you without having to know how to code HTML.
    • Step by Step instructions and guidelines are provided.
    • Social media sharing options on blog posts are automatically included.
    • You must have a hosting environment suitable for housing a WordPress Website if you are supplying your own hosting.
    • We will setup account on your behalf but I believe you own your website so all of your login details will be supplied to you upon full payment of your project.
    • Your website will function and display as per the demo on this website, any changes must be noted prior to starting.
    • There is no ongoing support of adding content and gallery items unless specified in writing prior to starting or under a new agreement. Instructions are supplied upon completion of your website.

Additional Work and Ongoing support

Should you require additional work, we do offer an adhoc hourly rate of $70- per hour for projects under $400- This includes print artwork, design work, & web work.

If you want to take advantage of our retainer agreements for regular work or ongoing support of websites monthly, quarterly or annually these start at $44- per month.

Terms of Work

  • Payment terms. 40% deposit prior to starting, this books in your project my schedule. Deposit is non-refundable. Payment plans are available but must be arranged prior to starting on your project.
  • This price does not contain the cost of using stock photos or illustrations in your design, this will be an additional charge if required.
  • Creative hardt reserves the right to publish the work into the Agency portfolio.
  • As email is our main form of correspondence please note that email is considered written confirmation on design signoff, project commencement and approval to proceed on a project and requirements.
  • Cancelling project – Should the Client forfeit work after project commencement the deposit will be non-refundable regardless of the amount of work produced. Either party may terminate this agreement by giving 7 days notice in writing if the terms of engagement are breached. Should such notice be given, the amount to be paid to the Agency (creative hardt) will be based on the amount of work performed at the date of termination.
  • Alterations and Changes to the specification or project scope AFTER project commencement MAY incur additional charges and must be agreed and confirmed by both parties before we will proceed.
  • Please note – “Wordpress” and the applied plugins are a third party software, we will work within this framework to your requirements as best of our ability, however we are ALWAYS governed by their capabilities& specifications. Conflicts may arise with other third party plugins and customisations on your individual website. We allow a reasonable amount of time to rectify conflicts that can arise, however, additional service charges and timeframes may be required should circumstances go beyond a reasonable timeframe. This may also occur when future updates are applied to your site we can make no guarantee future security or plugin updates may not conflict with your current configuration.
  • Appropriate licenses to use plugins and software maybe purchased on your behalf to use on your website under our own licensing agreements you will be sent these license code upon finalization and full payment of your project. Ownership of software code is always the developers proprietary code and functions.
  • Spell checking and grammatical checking is always your responsibility.
  • We test on multiple devices during initial development. WordPress and its plugins are created by third party developers, we cannot guarantee updates will work free of bugs or look the same on all devices, we will do our best to make it as close as possible but we are governed by the framework of the software that has been developed by these third parties.
  • Sourcing photos (including search for appropriate photos), content & copywriting are not included in the agreement but maybe added as an extra on prior agreement.

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