Service Agreement Terms

Terms and Conditions – Service Agreement

Below are our terms for our service agreement, by entering into our Services / Web Maintenance Packages by engaging one of our service packages you agree to these terms and conditions that maybe updated from time to time.

By engaging us in this agreement you agree to these conditions as well as any additional conditions that might be included with your specific package. Please read these conditions carefully.


  • It is your responsibility to send us your content for updates to your website.
  • Spell checking and grammatical checking is ALWAYS your responsibility.
  • Recovery of hacked websites is not included in our maintenance plans. We do hold any responsibility over Hacked websites and we will always do our best to recommend proper security measure are in place. This includes using Web hosting companies who are active in their protection of their servers. Whilst it is not our responsibility we do recommend web hosting companies that are better than this than others, please ensure your security measures are up to date.
  • Sourcing photos, content & copy writing are not included in the agreement but maybe added as an extra on prior agreement.
  • No refunds will be provided under this agreement, you may chose to be billed annually, quarterly or monthly, regardless of your billing period each agreement is undertaken for a 12month period in order to qualify for this agreement.
  • If you wish to cancel this service you must provide notice in writing 1 month prior to ending the agreement.
  • There is a 25% rush fee on tasks that are not booked in ahead of time for urgent turnaround or on weekends.
  • Your work is booked into a schedule you will be told ahead of time when this will be done in any given week. Should you miss this deadline by not having provided the correct content I cannot hold your time for that week you will need to wait till the next available slot which could be up to 10 days later.


  •  WordPress and its plugins are created by third party developers, we cannot guarantee updates will work free of bugs or look the same on all devices, we will do our best to make it as close as possible but we are governed by the framework of the software that has been developed by these third parties. Should there be a specific requirement that is not native to plugins,  this maybe be an additional cost and is not included in this agreement.
  • As part of this agreement, reasonable time is allocated to fix general errors which can occur due to software updates. Sometimes there are conflict with plugins, software and themes that are beyond our control independent to individual websites. Should fixing errors or bugs take beyond reasonable time-frame to rectify – this will be billed at an additional hourly rate to fix- you will be notified about this prior to fixing.
  • Additional Licenses to plugins maybe required to bring your site up to date. If your site has not been developed by me, it is possible there will be an ongoing license fee to update your plugins or themes this would be oustide this agreement.
  • Your website backup will be sent to your Dropbox or Googledrive. Afterwhich, we accept no responsibility for its safety or reference unless you have arranged with us otherwise. A backup must be provided in order to restore a corrupted or hacked website so we urge you to always have a copy on your files for your reference. We will always keep the latest copy of your backup there after it will be removed from our services.
  • This agreement does not include setting up websites, hosting or other IT related issues. This maybe arranged under a different contract agreement or billed at an additional fee. Your choice of hosting provider CAN impact the speed of your website.
  • Redesign of a website or new functionality (complete or partial) is not included under this agreement. Service agreements are limited to maintenance and minor updates only.  We will advise of any work that will fall outside the scope and require a different contract unless otherwise stated.
  • Monthly backups will be completed at a set date each month as set by us.
  • Generally Additional work under 2 hours is billed at reduced rate of $60- inc GST per whilst under this maintenance agreement. Over 2 hours work will be at a reduced rate depending on the amount of work. If you are not on a service agreement you will be placed on our Pay As You Go rate which is $75 per hour inc GST.
  • Any unused content updates to your website are transferred to the next month however they are not transferred over beyond a 2 month cycle and any unused blog or page updates (services) will expire as on the cancellation or ending of our agreement – unless stated otherwise in our written Agreement.


  • Our office hours are open between 9.30am and 3.30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays. We take calls during this time.
  • We accept emails 24hours a day but we do not respond to emails outside these hours or on weekends – at our availability.
  • Mobile phone is for emergencies only. Work is to be allocated via asana or email as per client dashboard. We do not accept tasks through sms or facebook messenger.


  • If graphics and digital marketing services are to be included in your service agreement this must be specified at the commencement of our agreement together.
  • Bulk hours and discounted rates are welcome to be used during our agreement and are able to be tracked in 30min increments. Note, this is only available during our service agreement period. Once this period has expired you will be required to purchase another round of bulk hours or you will be placed on our Adhoc rate.Blocks of hours  can be bought in 5, 10, 15 and up blocks with discounts allocated as required. There is a minimum 72 hour turn over on projects which are 2 hours or less.
  • Blocks of hours will not transfer over from one Service Agreement period to the next (usually 6 or 12 months), if they are not used they are not refunded and will expire.
  • Note. This service agreement is useful for clients wishing to regularly use Belinda Lindhardt services and able to send minor projects through. Generally this is not used for larger projects, I would prefer to quote on this separately as it would allow for better time management for both of us.
  • Purchasing of stock photography, or printing costs are not included in this agreement, and will be billed at an additional rate as agreed by you.

These terms have been updated January  2018, and maybe subject to changes at the time of your agreement.

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