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Service Agreement Packages

Do you need someone to take care of it all for you?

Many small business owners I know have alot on their plate, they are busy running their business many of them CAN do ALOT of things at once but after a while of doing this, they get exhausted!!!

Many of the business owners I work with, have realised their time is best spent on running their business for what they are best at not learning how to update websites, do social media posts, create beautiful graphics and finding the time to remember those passwords, et cetc ontop of all the other things they need to do.


Just because you CAN do it all, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

My Taking care of business and Service Agreement packages allow you to get some headspace concentrate on what you do best and let me take care of the technical & creative aspects for you.

How it works:

Initially ofcourse there will be a bit of a learning curve, i will need to know a bit more about what you do, who you are, who your customers are and where you are wanting to be going. I need to know this because after that I can then go and do your tasks for you without having to bother you too much and we can just get things done.


  • A in-depth consultation / discovery session where I find out all about your business, customers, what you need to have done & how often from me.
  • Once we worked that out we work out regular tasks that you need doing and we gather resources need to get the job done. Included in the tasks could be any of these:
    • custom graphics and illustrations to suit your brand for social media, marketing materials, website
    • updates to website, blogs, social media
    • analytics and monitoring of your site with reports & explanation of what is happening
    • sending out of newsletters
    • creation of ebooks/ pdfs or even just simple forms
  • You get your tasks done on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. I send you a report to say its done and see if there is anything else you need.
  • The goal of this is that you can just send through things need doing, we can schedule things ahead of time and its locked into my scheudule on any given month or week so we don’t have to negotiate timeframes, prices etc. Its all INCLUSIVE in our agreement.
  • Think of my like your own personal WEB & CREATIVE guru, ready to help and get done what you need doing.


Service Agreement – Website Maintenance

If all you need is someone to backup your website and update your plugins and apply security updates once a month or quarter, I also have a
Website Maintenance Agreement

$48- per month 

This includes updating your website backend, updating your plugins, and includes up to 10mins of other changes a month. This is if you have just minor alterations (text changes) that may need updating and is a yearly commitment. Note this does not include adding in blog posts and graphics and other updates. This can include a monthly SEO report as an addon if desired.

Website Care Packages

Which of these amazing service agreement care packages will you choose?

Clients on my service agreement packages have the flexibility of a discounted hourly rate $66ph for additional hours cause some months you might need a little bit more love than others.

*All packages require a minimum 3 month commitment but you may also do 6 months or a year.

Payments are done via credit card, paypal or you may organised scheduled payments with the bank.

Terms and conditions.

This package is subject to my standard service agreement terms please check those out AND these other specific terms to this package.

  • There is no obligation after the commitment period has expired, at the end of this time we can discuss if you would like to continue or cancel.
  • All prices are including GST
  • Work is carried out on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays at my discretion unless otherwise arranged. It is your responsibility to ensure all content and resources are provided to me the day before your allocated timeslot commences. Should you not do this your timeslot is lost and you must wait to the next time available.
  • There is a fee for rush tasks that require less than 72 hours turnaround and cannot always be done due to other commitments.  Should you have a deadline it is best to book it in my schedule 1-2 weeks prior.
  • Your monthly time slot of hours is not accumulative  longer than a 1 month period. There are no refunds to this agreement, time is allocated to your project and other clients are put aside therefore i cannot refund time slots have not be utilised due to the commitments for other clients & projects.


Do you already have a website, want to give it a revive but don’t know where to start?

Book in for a FREE website audit and I will take a look give a simple report with suggestions on ways you can improve design, functionality and clarity around your website and social media channels. No obligation just a report 🙂

Just fill in a form and I will do the rest!!

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