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Web Help - Central Coast, NSW with BelindaI often get asked for “HELP!!!” from people who have had a web presence and want to manage the majority of it themselves but just need someone to help them out not only with some decent down to earth no jargon information but also the practical steps on”How to do this!!!”


and this is where I like to step in!


When you are trying to do it all yourself, the information out there can be very overwhelming! You will hear so many different things from people, the media and see other people doing things on facebook or on their website, but then when you go to do it yourself  your phone / computer won’t let you do it or you get completely bamboozled on what tools to use or HOW TO do it. Or even if you should be doing it in the first place!


This is where I like to step in! I particularly love doing this with other artists & small businesses but I have helped  community organisations  & individuals just get all that stuff sorted in my practical 1 on 1 sessions. In a session like this it involves me sitting down with you and just talking about what you currently have setup in terms of website, facebook, SEO and any other online systems, as well as the issues you are having in terms of what you want to do, then with YOUR computer (preferable) and phone if desired i will give you the tips and a step by step walk you through on whatever it is you need doing!!! So it is completely tailored to you! People I have done this with come away with a refreshed and renewed understanding of how to continue to manage their online presence but they will be able to do it better & quite often i pass on many time saving tips!

I love doing this kinda work with people as it can give them instant results and to be honest it really feels for me like I have really solved a problem and helped people in their business!

Get practical one on one help with all your web stuff!!


  • Websites,
  • Facebook,
  • Facebook Ads,
  • Instagram,
  • Pinterest,
  • How to do better blogs,
  • SEO, & anything else online you need just ask.

Targeted for small businesses, artists & individuals I have kept this one quite affordable as i really just love helping people out with this stuff!!

Prices start at $35- inc GST  depending whether you would like 30min or a 1hour session and whether you are able to come to me here at my studio at Umina Beach, Central Coast or if you would like me to come to you. 

If your interested in a 1 on 1 session with me, simply contact me.


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