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Do you wish to take control and be able to update or create your website yourself?

Many of my clients do! For some its the last thing they want to do and are happy for me to take the reigns, for others they really want the control to be able to do the basics themselves and I have over the years shown many of clients how to do their own website updates and have me there in the background for the extras.

So, in order to help a bunch of my existing clients and hopefully a few new ones out I have created a new online course on

Learning How to Update your WordPress Website with the Divi theme. 

What is Divi?

Divi is a wordpress theme made by Elegant Themes,  its a super easy to use theme and allows you to customise your site and create an awesome site fairly easily (she says). It very easy to use but there is a bit of a learning process along the way, and there are heaps of tutorials out there, but I wanted to share my NO GEEK SPEEK version of how websites come together and my explanation of how to use Divi.

So this course is for whether you have an existing website and updating your theme or whether you have a brand new website, this will talk you through the ins and outs of how to put things together.

There are over 6 videos to watch which will take abit over 2 hours. I walk you though step by step where to click and an explanation of what each thing  is. I am also avaialble for questions and comments to help you along the way.

If this is something your interested in, head on over to the course website and sign up for the course I would love to see you there! 

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