Special Offer – Google Setup & Web Report


 Do you know who is visiting your site & how they got there? 
If you are running a website it is vital to understand how your visitors are interacting with your site otherwise you might be tearing your hair out wondering – Why aren’t they buying and it could be as simple as a typo in a broken link? If your not tracking your data, how would you know?
To truly understand what your visitors are doing and where you can improve and if your serious about your website you will need to track what is happening.  To do this, you will need Google Analytics setup & after that its helpful to have someone who will go through and explain what all that data means and if you want to how to look at it yourself.

For a limited time, I am offering a special deal for you to have Google Analytics setup and installed on your website* and then once the data is collected you will receive an Easy To Follow Web Report  customised specifically for your site so that you may understand and take action on improving your engagement, retention and hopefully your sales (if applicable).

Normally $165- for a limited time
only $65- inc GST

How many hours would it take for you to search around and work out how to do this yourself (yes it is doable yourself) but don’t you really have better things to do?

Interested? Click the button for more detailed information on what it all means… I’d love to be able to help you out.

*subject to conditions

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