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Digital Marketing these days isn’t an add on, its a must have in order to reach your potential customers and talk to the ones you already have!
I am proud to be certified and proud to be able to provide SEO & Digital Marketing Practices to my clients.

In 2016, you can’t really get by if you are trying to connect to your customers without touch on of the social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram or connecting with customers by email direct email marketing campaigns its no good just having that website we need the website to DO something for us.

Small businesses need  to cover a variety of channels with their marketing to ensure they get the most out of their spending its no good having a website if no-one is going to see it, and we need to have the things in place so that we can see what is happening on their in the first place.  Things like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) , facebook,  advertisting are not just an add on these days they are pretty much a requirement.

Digital Marketing Services I provide vary greatly from business to business and you may not require all of these but you may in the least require setting up of your website reporting (Analytics) so that you can see who is coming to your site, where they are dropping off so that you can make improvements and make sure you talking to the right people. Sometimes this is just a simple thing to setup but will give you such valuable information to go forward with, however I digress…

 Digital Marketing Services include things like:

  • Website Audits & Online Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Services: Setting up and sending out Email Direct Marketing campaigns
  • Website Analytics: Google Analytics etc
  • Reporting monthly/quarterly/annually of your website visitors, pages and working out with you where to go next
  • Facebook Advertising: Setup, management
  • Social Media Community Management ie. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – Either i can do it for you, setup it up for you and giving you a training & strategy session on how to use it!
  • Promotional Campaigns across all your marketing channels and how to track it, monitor it  etc. Again I can manage or i can give you the tools & strategies on how to manage them yourself!


My rates for these services vary depending on the scope of what is required as well as whether you are also undertaking a website design, Service agreement etc. As some of these services are able to be rolled into that package rather than a separate fee / project.

If you already have an existing website and require these services an bulk rate or service package maybe the way to go…

Lets Talk!Setup or Manage? Something to think about is whether you would like me to just set this up and hand it over, OR if you would like me to monitor, engage and manage your account on your behalf?

If so, how often that should happen? Would you like it monitored once a week, once a fortnight??
I will happily bundle these services in with your website services upon arrangement! Lets chat and work it out 🙂

I prefer to provide a quotation rather hourly rates,  however, Adhoc services are billed on an hourly rate or retainer package starting from $40 to $70 inc GST depending on how much you need.
You may space it over the quarter or year…  buying in bulk is totally doable and preferred.

Contact Belinda to discuss your business and we can workout an affordable service package to meet your needs and budget OR

Fill out our Project Enquiry Form

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