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Thanks for your interest in my special offer Google Analytics Setup and a Easy to Use web report.

Here’s the breakdown…



Do you know who is visiting your website? How they got there? Did they come from Facebook, Instagram?
Do you know what pages they have visited, and on which pages are most of your visitors dropping off?

Having this information this gives you vital information on what may or maynot be working on your website and areas you can work on to improve and understand your visitors interests, behaviours and actions on your site. If all your visitors are leaving on a certain page or not visiting pages you wish they were then perhaps there is a technical error or improvement we can make to make sure they stay there a bit longer.


So, how do you find all that out?

It involves setting up an account called Google Analytics and installing some code on your website. Google then monitors your websites collects data and from that you can run reports on all these figures on what is happening to get a better understanding and much more. The information it collects can do a whole bunch of stuff for you but lets not get ahead of ourselves, the important thing is that you get it installed and setup so its collecting your information in the first place, all the other things can be looked at later. 🙂

Ok, so what is the offer?

My special offer to you is to setup all this code for you on your website* so you don’t have to deal with all the technical stuff. I will make sure its all working correctly and then 2weeks to1 month later ( depending on how busy your site is,  as Google needs time to monitor your traffic) I will go into the google account pull out a bunch of relevant data and send you a EASY TO FOLLOW website report.

In the report it will contain not just the actual data but my analysis and suggestions from the data on things you can implement now, or in the future to improve your website. I call my reports the EASY TO FOLLOW reports because sometimes all the techno jargon can be quite overwhelming so i have adapted the my reports to include:

  • Actual numbers &  figures to detail what is actually happening on your site.
  • I will give you the non-jargon deciphering of this into easy to undertsand plain speak.
  • Recommendations and suggestions on areas you may need to look at for your SEO, marketing and ways to improve your site.
  • I will also give you a step by step guideline on how to go in a look at your data for the future, if you are using wordpress i will also install a plugin on your site so that you can view this data everytime you login to your website dashboard.

I am trained & certified in SEO, Analytics & Search Engine Marketing so basically you getting all my investment and experience rolled into the one report customised for you 🙂 – Read more about me.

Then what?

There is no commitment thereafter. You will have your login details after this is setup you are able to login to Google Analytics at anytime to see your data.  From there on in you can go in and do a report for yourself periodically I suggest a maximum period of quarterly between reports. After I send my report to you if you wish to discuss your website further you are welcome to book in for a complimentary 20min session but there is absolutely no commitment there after. I can tell you that all of the clients I have done this for are super keen and inspired once they actually know whats going on!

This service is valued at $165- inc GST  but for a limited time i am offering this a special price of $65- inc GST for selected participants only.

Sound good?

Great! Lets get started. Just fill in the form below, complete your payment details, and I will contact you to book it in my schedule and get some technical details from you.

Terms, Just a couple of things you need to be aware of before we get started:

  • You will need to have a gmail address in order to setup GA, if you do not have one you may set one up and give me the details.
  • You will need to also provide me with your website login details please have those ready.
  • *This is deal is for people with either a WordPress or Squarespace website. Other website systems are on application.
  • Your report needs to be compiled at least 2 weeks to a month  after your initial setup of the code as it needs to collect data.
  • No reports will be sent between 4th & 20th of September 2017, due to other commitments.

Book in for your Google Analytics Setup and Easy To Follow Report

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