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Belinda's Biz De-Tangle Sessions

Are you overwhelmed, confused in the muddle that is your marketing, social media & web management tasks for your business?

Let me come over and have a rummage around and help you de-tangle you and your business to give you back freedom and time to do the things that matter most.

As business owners today, we seem to have so much more to do!!!

From websites to social media & general marketing activities there are so many tasks such little time, and it’s difficult to keep ahead with the labyrinth of new things coming out everyday! Loads of logins, devices and technology it’s very easy to be overwhelmed and bogged down with so many things we hardly find time for the things that matter for YOUR business!

Bel’s Biz De-tangling can help you sort through the technical knots that cloud the day and make your hair stand up on end!!!

In the de-tangling sessions we get together and discuss what is happening in your business in terms of marketing, social media, websites as well as your general business goals and offline markeing efforts. We will also discuss your time, your staff / resources and HOW you currently manage all these tasks that come your way. Then after some research and further discussions we come with a plan that will:

  • Allow you to work more effectively in your business and your marketing goals bringing them both together.
  • Work out what you can be doing less of and how to get order in the tasks are your doing – LETS MAKE IT SIMPLER.
  • Give you the ability to outsource or schedule the medial tasks so that you can FREE your time for what matters most in your business. I can SHOW you how to do this step by step!
  • Provide you with Checklists, Tips & Resources for you and/or your staff to make sure that when tasks are being completed they are working BEST for your business.
  • Set you up with accounts, software and workflow processes and SHOW you how to manage this.

This is not a cut and paste plan, this is tailored specifically to you and your business. This takes into consideration things like your time, your technical resources, your budget, industry practices, your history and YOUR CUSTOMERS.


How does it work?

The Biz De-Tangler session is comprises of:

  • A brief introductory session conducted via email where i get you to answer some gerneral questions about your business and supply me with things like links to your current website & social media details. After this, I will research and schedule a time for our first meeting.
  • De-tangling session 1 – is an in-depth meeting via skype or phone about 45mins to discuss where your at and what your hurdles are, your current situation and future plans for your business.
  • Following that I will review our discussion and start to formulate a flexible plan & report for moving forward. We will likely have a brief discussion via email and/or phone to clarify points and make sure we are both on the right page.
  • Then there will be delivery of the plan which includes another session where we discuss a simplier way forward there maybe  setting up of any technical bits that need doing or recommendations of workflows that can help. There will be checklists and a training session or resources materials to get you started.

2 – 4 weeks later we will check in see where your at address any issues that need doing measure and refine as required. I will generally go in here and update documents, update process and check in on technical things to make sure all is in working order.

4-6 weeks  we will check in again to report, measure and make sure you are on track. Depending on your requirements this would include various marketing reports based on your current setups.

As you may expect, this De-Tangling Session is different for every client, some will require more check ins, some will also require more help with setting up accounts, technical help & or you may need me to regularly step in and do some of the tasks for you. This we can discuss at the end the first session to see where you feel you may need extra help or instruction.

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