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Website & Marketing Packages for Artists

Artists have a special set of requirements when it comes to websites and its often hard to find a set of services that suit as we often don’t fit into conventional “shape” of what a website “has to have”.

Having a easy to use system for managing & displaying your art out to your current and potential collectors is really important, but one area that is often overlooked when putting a site together is making sure its tailored YOUR needs and YOUR capabilities as an artist and a business owner. There is no point in having all the bells and whistles if that’s something that you will never have the time or inclination to update, use or take advantage of – let alone if your customers actually want that when looking / purchasing your art.


My name is Belinda Lindhardt you can read more about me here > . As i am an artist myself, I understand many of the challenges artists face when getting a website and as a small business owner i also understand how important it is to have a process that works for you. It’s  also crucial to have someone you can rely on to help you out when you need it and hence here are my services for Artists.

Seeing my artist friends wade through the ocean that is website and marketing solutions here are a few packages which include common features artists, writers & creative people need in websites, marketing & social media management.  For those that need help I am also there to help you if you need it. Once we have the structure in place its ready for you to take over as much or as little as you would like.

If your not sure of the terminology  take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions or please feel free to contact me at to discuss your individual requirements I also have help tips and information on the blog demonstrated on this website.

Package Details

Just like a landscape painting there is a Basic structure, Background, Middleground & Foreground.
Take a look at these packages for different creative businesses.


Do you need a redo?

Starting from $395 inc GST

If you already have a website and know you need to redo it, but not sure where to start a website redo might be on order. My website redos include things like this: 

  • – Strategy Session working out what is currently working on your website and what needs reworking
  • – Installing Google Analytics, Mailing list setup, newsletter template
  • – Installing new Theme (license supported for 1 year)
  • – Reworking your homepage and any other content areas.
  • – Optional that i can set it up and give you step by step instructions to take over or i can do it for you.
  • – Graphics and social media options as required.
  • – This depends on what you need so we need to work out what you need first and i can tailor the project to suit you!


Book a FREE website audit by filling in my form and i will take a look through your site and get back to you with suggestions on where to move forward. 

*Subject to review & conditions. All of your website content ie. photos, images & text must be supplied before we can start. For guidelines on how to prepare this please let me know.

PAYMENT PLANS  – are available contact Belinda > for further options.

Need Help?

Take a look at the FAQs or  the blog for further notes, and if your still stuck send Belinda an email and I will be in touch.

Note: All of these website packages are subject to our standard website > Terms of Service – which you may read here.

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