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Graphic Designer, Web Designer & Developer, Illustrator, Social Media Manager, SEO & Marketing Consultant, Tutor & Artist.belinda-lindhardt-artist-australia

So, Who is Belinda?

Well, I guess your here to find out a little bit about me, so here goes in a nutshell:

I am a bit of Nerd, a Technology Lover, Social media LOVER,  Artist & Art Tutor … as well as all the titles above 🙂 I also have an addiction to smilies 🙂 we might as well just put that on the table here and now! 🙂
Personally, I am mum to two boys 10 & 12 which I have been solo parenting for quite a bit of time now.  This in itself  makes me motivated, reliable (as i have a few mouths to feed) and a quite a bit at times tired, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way!!! I am originally from Sydney’s Northern Beaches but these days the beautiful Central Coast, NSW is my home.  Professionally,  i have been working in the web industry & running my own business for over 20years!


I graduated from my Associate Diploma of Graphic Design in 1995. In those days we were taught how to mock-up pages with markers and coloured pencils and had to hand ink our lettering! The following year I started working as a in-house Web Designer at TPG Internet, back in the day when websites and the internet were a “new” thing, and all websites hand coded in HTML.

Fast forward to today, I have worked in many different roles over the years with in-house, freelance & subcontract positions to private, government corporate corporations & projects.  I believe, i have quite a unique perspective in that I have been able to switch intermittently between technical and design / creative roles. As new technologies have emerged and new processes erupted I have adapted along the way, and when someone has come to me and said –

“Do you know how to do this?”  my response has typically been – “Not yet, but I can learn!”  


Interested? Talk to Belinda

Belinda Lindhardt – Trading as creative hardt studio:
ABN: 55101087968


Over the years, I worked out that I love working with clients and delivering to them whatever creative and technical services they need to improve their business. I like the technical & i like the design. I like switching between the two and offering my experience in both areas! I don’t like to put people in boxes and roll out website after website, I like to work with the client to find what works for them and talior a solution that suits them. For example: One client may need me to do all the work to take it off their hands,  the next may want to take care of it themselves and need me to set it up, tell them what to do and run they with that!  My goal is to help small business in their creative and online solutions in an honest, down to earth no BS approach and nothing makes me happy when they come to me and are so happy with what has worked for them!


Well, that kinda sums me up for now but I guess that means your asking, what does that mean for you?

When we work together, you get to work with someone who will tell you like it is, if i don’t know i will learn and be upfront with you about it, i will work to YOUR business needs and (not just trying to fit you into my box or portfolio).  I have been around the block enough times to know where the pitfalls are and how to get around them as well as able to be there in next week, next month or next year when you need me next! If that all sounds like your cuppa tea, just pop me an email I would love to hear all about your & your business & how i can help!

Make sure you come and say hi on any of the social media channels links found below.

Training & Certifications

We live in a constantly evolving space on the internet. Here are a few certifications I recently have taken up in 2016 form Digital Marketer  from this also been able to upgrade my existing clients with my knowledge and latest industry practices that can be applied in their business.

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