Terms of Service

These are my conditions and Terms of Service and by acceptance of my quotation or engaging my services you agree to all Terms listed here.

  • If entering a Service Agreement, those Terms > can be found here.
  • Belinda LIndhardt reserves the right to publish the work into the Agency portfolio, blog and promotional materials.
  • Copyright of ALL design materials remain the property of Belinda Lindhardt until full payment is received, thereafter final designs’ Copyright is assigned to the Client.


  • My preferred payment method is via Direct Deposit. Should you wish to pay in installments this can also be organised through your bank. Should you wish to pay by credit are you may do so via Paypal.
  • Jobs under $700- require upfront payment (unless otherwise arranged).
  • All other projects require a 50% deposit with payments completed in fortnightly durations during the course of the project and the final 5% payment made upon finalisation. Alternative payment structures need to be agreed upon in writing prior to starting the project.


  • Deposits are non-refundable regardless of the amount of work produced.
  • Cancelling project – Should the Client forfeit work after project commencement the deposit will be non-refundable regardless of the amount of work produced. Either party may terminate this agreement by giving 7 days notice in writing if the terms of engagement are breached. Should such notice be given, the amount to be paid to the Agency (creative hardt/Belinda Lindhardt) will be based on the amount of work performed at the date of termination.


  • Alterations and Changes to the specification or project scope AFTER project commencement MAY incur additional charges and must be agreed and confirmed by both parties before we will proceed.
  • As email is our main form of correspondence please note that email is considered written confirmation on design signoff, project commencement and approval to proceed on a project and requirements.
  • Should you as the client fail to respond to design requests for feedback, provision of technical information and other communications within a reasonable timeframe projects will be delayed and may incurr a waiting period until the next availability slot is open in our schedule.
  • Our business operating hours are Tuesday to Friday 9am to 3pm. You may email us at any time but we will not necessarily respond to communications outside of these hours.
  • Our work is scheduled on a first come first served basis and is organised 2-3 business days in advance.¬† URGENT projects or jobs need to be organised separately.


  • Unless agreed to upfront, prices generally do not include using stock photos, illustrations in your design, this will be an additional charge if required. Nor do website prices include hosting, domain name registration.
  • Copy writing / Spell Checking and Grammar is always the responsibility of the client.


  • Website performance can be governed by your website hosting provider. Hosting providers can go down from time to time and can mean your website experiences downtime. We accept no responsibility for losses as a result of website downtime.
  • If we build your site, Multiple devices are tested during initial development. WordPress and its plugins are created by third party developers, we cannot guarantee updates will work free of bugs or look the same on all devices, we will do our best to make it as close as possible but we are governed by the framework of the software that has been developed by these third parties.
  • Working on a website that has not been developed by us, may incur longer timeframes for developments as we can have no responsibility for prior developers / designers work.
  • Appropriate licenses to use plugins and software maybe purchased on your behalf to use on your website under our own licensing agreements you will be sent these license code upon finalization and full payment of your project. Ownership of software code is always the developers proprietary code and functions. Your licenses will not be vailid indefinitely and may incur an annual or monthly fee in order to be supported. If you are no longer under our service agreement your licenses will not be renewed when they expire.


  • Belinda/creativehardt studio does no guarantee, nor is responsible or liable for sales, traffic income from websites or Clients business model.

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